Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pretending Like I Know What I'm Doing

Like most people, my weight loss journey has been a really tough one. Weight had never been an issue for me so when I gained way more weight than necessary during my pregnancies, I hit a point where I knew I needed to learn how to be healthy and enjoy exercising. It's taken me almost 4 years to figure out but I've found what works for me. 

This is for those of you who have asked how I did it and who might be in the same situation I was in last year. It's hard knowing where to start so maybe this can help you know where to begin. 

My mom is a personal trainer and she told me all the time that losing weight is 80% diet. I didn't like that. I want to eat whatever I want and just be able to work out for an hour a day and lose weight. Unfortunately, my mom was 100% right. As I tried to change my diet I realized that food was somewhat of an addiction for me. I depended on food not just to fuel my body but for emotional support as well. I needed to find a way to break my dependence on carbs and sugars. That lead me to the Whole30. I bought the book It Starts With Food and found that this was exactly what I needed to change my relationship with food. I started my first round of Whole30 mid April. I won't go into details about the specifics of the diet, but if you're interested to know more then you can go on their website or look into the book. 

Through the Whole30 I learned to break my dependence on junk food and find joy in eating healthy food. We now eat organic, non processed foods. We make our own breads and look at farmers markets for our fruits and veggies. This is something I never thought I would ever do but I'm doing it! 

I've always enjoyed being active and exercising so it wasn't too hard to maintain my exercise regimen. However, I found that weight lifting did wonders for my body. I had this misconception that weight lifting would make me body builder huge and that is scary to me. I focused hard on cardio but got little results. It turns out that the more muscle you have the more cardio works... I now focus most of my exercises on weight lifting. I lift Monday, Wednesday, Friday for an hour and do cardio those days for about 45 minutes. Tuesday, Thursday I do yoga and attend a dance class. Saturdays are my active rests days, meaning I don't do anything too strenuous but I'll go for a light bike ride or hiking. 

One of the biggest things that I realized is that if I obsess about losing weight then I never lose it. For the last 4 months I haven't weighed myself or measured myself. I focused on living a healthy lifestyle and learning to change my unhealthy lifestyle. Losing weight was a natural (and wonderful) by product of just being healthy. 

My main point is, this worked for me. I found a way to change my eating habits and my way may not be the best way for everyone. But find your way. The secret to weight loss is eating healthy and exercising! Shocking, right? 

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