Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pretending Like I Know What I'm Doing

Like most people, my weight loss journey has been a really tough one. Weight had never been an issue for me so when I gained way more weight than necessary during my pregnancies, I hit a point where I knew I needed to learn how to be healthy and enjoy exercising. It's taken me almost 4 years to figure out but I've found what works for me. 

This is for those of you who have asked how I did it and who might be in the same situation I was in last year. It's hard knowing where to start so maybe this can help you know where to begin. 

My mom is a personal trainer and she told me all the time that losing weight is 80% diet. I didn't like that. I want to eat whatever I want and just be able to work out for an hour a day and lose weight. Unfortunately, my mom was 100% right. As I tried to change my diet I realized that food was somewhat of an addiction for me. I depended on food not just to fuel my body but for emotional support as well. I needed to find a way to break my dependence on carbs and sugars. That lead me to the Whole30. I bought the book It Starts With Food and found that this was exactly what I needed to change my relationship with food. I started my first round of Whole30 mid April. I won't go into details about the specifics of the diet, but if you're interested to know more then you can go on their website or look into the book. 

Through the Whole30 I learned to break my dependence on junk food and find joy in eating healthy food. We now eat organic, non processed foods. We make our own breads and look at farmers markets for our fruits and veggies. This is something I never thought I would ever do but I'm doing it! 

I've always enjoyed being active and exercising so it wasn't too hard to maintain my exercise regimen. However, I found that weight lifting did wonders for my body. I had this misconception that weight lifting would make me body builder huge and that is scary to me. I focused hard on cardio but got little results. It turns out that the more muscle you have the more cardio works... I now focus most of my exercises on weight lifting. I lift Monday, Wednesday, Friday for an hour and do cardio those days for about 45 minutes. Tuesday, Thursday I do yoga and attend a dance class. Saturdays are my active rests days, meaning I don't do anything too strenuous but I'll go for a light bike ride or hiking. 

One of the biggest things that I realized is that if I obsess about losing weight then I never lose it. For the last 4 months I haven't weighed myself or measured myself. I focused on living a healthy lifestyle and learning to change my unhealthy lifestyle. Losing weight was a natural (and wonderful) by product of just being healthy. 

My main point is, this worked for me. I found a way to change my eating habits and my way may not be the best way for everyone. But find your way. The secret to weight loss is eating healthy and exercising! Shocking, right? 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

history now

dear damon and gabe,

this is a crazy time in the world. it's no doubt that there is much evil and everyday there's more and more chaos. on april 15, 2013 two bombs went off during the boston marathon. today, april 16, there has been a huge earthquake in iran. mass shootings seem to be the trend now and there's no way we can turn on the news without feeling sadness.

the world is scary but i want you to know that everything will be ok. we knew things like this would happen. we have been prepared. you were meant to be here at this time and to deal with these kind of things. you're strong and wonderful. look onward with hope and love. don't fear; you have the power of heaven on your side.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


tomorrow my little boy turns two years old. his birthday is an emotional day for me. i cry because i'm so happy and proud to see the person he is becoming. i cry because i'm sad to see the time go by. everyday he grows and he's not my little boy anymore. it hurts but really, it's so wonderful. 

i look back on the day he was born. i remember how great and scary it was. i remember how i anxiously waited for his arrival and when it came i was terrified. labor was excruciating and peaceful. and when the time came for him to make his way out things took a turn for the worst. life slowly slipped from both me and him and we weren't sure if we would make it out alive. but when all was said and done i felt nothing but happiness and peace. 

in that moment i understood a little more. i felt a little closer. a glimpse of eternity opened up to me and i knew. i was happy to give everything for this human being i was bringing into the world. my life, my body, my desires were for him. i gave everything for him and i was about to literally give my life for him. i understood for a moment the infinite and unconditional love the Savior felt for me as he suffered and gave himself for me. i understood the desire to give everything to someone. i understood the need to give my will to Him who knew what needed to happen. giving birth to gabe was incredible. i know now. i know MY Savior and i know His love. 

being a mother has been the hardest thing i've ever done but the most rewarding. thank you little gabe for teaching me more about myself. thank you for being your little amazing self. thank you for giving me the life changing experience that was your birth. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


#2 arrived early morning Feb. 7, 2013.

it wasn't as epic as Gabe's arrival but i'm just fine with that. it was a scheduled c section because of the placenta previa.

5:30 am: registering at the hospital has got to be the worst thing ever. i was half asleep because of course i did not sleep the night before. i was anxious and not really paying attention so questions were being misunderstood and not heard and i was getting frustrated. i just wanted him out.

7:30 am: i horrifyingly entered the OR where they gave me my spinal block. i was terrified of that whole process because who isn't scared of foot long needles going into your spine?? but it was quick and painless and before long i was happily numb. yay for modern day medicine, am i right?

7:40 am: well you see, my placenta nicely covered my entire cervix so when the doctor went to pull #2 out there was no room. #2 got stuck... so doctor literally had to smash my ribs and vacuum him out. it was so much fun...

7:44 am: #2 made his appearance for the first time in this lovely world. he cried and was long and beautiful. they cleaned him up and nothing was wrong. he was perfect in every way. we got to take pictures with him and hold him. it was everything that i had imagined. i cried. it was awesome.

the rest of the hour was a blur. i was sewn back up and taken back to my room. and that's the story.
recovery was wonderful and flawless up until i left the hospital... but that's another story that is too horrible to tell so we won't go into that.

happy arrival baby #2. and by #2 i mean Damon Makai McAllister.

Monday, January 28, 2013


The countdown has begun...

10 days 

till #2

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the joys of being pregnant

it's been a long pregnancy to say the least. 3 hospital stays, 3 ambulance rides, 1 call to 911... there has not been a dull moment with this second child of mine. it's had its ups and downs (mostly downs) but with a lot of positive thinking and prayers i've made it this far without going completely crazy. it's been hard on gabe. i've worried that he wouldn't react well to all the changes but he's been amazing. everyday i can't imagine loving him more and yet somehow i do. mick has been great as well. he's my knight in shining khaki... what a blessing. family and friends are wonderful too. thanks to all who have helped out. it means more than you could ever know. 

just a quick recap of the last 2 months...
nov. 17-22: hospital stay. absolutely loved it... not really. thanksgiving was most likely going to be spent at Utah Valley Hospital but luckily we were blessed to be released right before family dinner. 

dec. 12-18: back in the hospital. we were almost positive we were going to be at the hospital till i delivered but once again our prayers were answered and after a grueling 6 days in the hospital i was set free. i'm pretty sure that as a patient in the hospital i had less human rights than a prisoner but i survived. i learned quickly how to get my way ;) p.s. the ice chips with tigers blood was my life saver. without a cup of that every couple of hours i would have quickly become a psych ward patient. 

it's almost over. after a very very long 9 months it's nearly time to have this bundle of joy. i'm a better person because of this challenge. i would do it all again if i had to but honestly, i'm deciding to not do it again. unfortunately, the joys of being pregnant seem to skip me. but its always possible to find joy even in the worst circumstances. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

an eventful day

so apparently this day is worthy of 3 blog updates... sorry for the update overload. i guess i could have put everything in one post but they're each deserving of their own post. so here we go again.

once upon a time i had a brother. he was born 2 years after me and we liked each other enough growing up. actually, we were inseparable. one day, i graduated high school and flew away to college and i didn't think i'd miss him much but i did. he would call me and i'd tell him what girls like to do on dates and how to be a gentleman. then i got married and he was there. and i had a baby and he was there. we were still inseparable in our own way. but then he decided to go on a mission.

the day came where we had to say goodbye. that day was today. i didn't think i'd miss him much but i do. a lot. i didn't think i'd cry but i did (a lot). but somehow i know we'll still be inseparable, just in a different way now.

aloha 'oe baby brother. somehow i know you'll do the greatest of things while serving the Lord.